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Ammi Embry of C&E Designs has been honored to deliver projects for hundreds of clients. Ammi’s portfolio includes projects ranging your local juice aisle and gas pump to the Pentagon. Her favorite part of those interactions was working with wonderful teams to see ideas grow from pitches to amazing products.

Our mission on the web is to help small businesses all around the world have a stronger web presence.


C&E offers web design services for a wide range of business needs. C&E specializes in design that puts User Experience first and is currently enjoying the material design fad. We also have a full range of web designers, copywriters, and photographers to make sure your web presence is a perfect reflection of you.


C&E Design has been developing websites and web based application for over a decade. They can assure your site or application functions smoothly.


C&E recently started offering Linux hosting with cPanel and are accepting new clients. We offer a range of pricing plans, from $5-$25/month. Some of our development options include hosting.


C&E offers a code refresh for sites that are out-of-date and losing traffic. For some clients, this refresh can increase their traffic. It’s much more cost effective than having a new website in many cases.

Please remember, not all things can or should be recreated on the internet. We can also refresh your design to a modern equivalent in most cases.

A few examples of our work...